New Backup Camera Needs No Screen

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Rydeen is developing what may be the first backup camera system that uses a heads up display (HUD)  instead of a physical screen.

Users will see a holographic image projected onto their windshield showing a live feed of the blind zone behind the car.

Consumers don’t have to worry about a compatible car radio or a mirror replacement to add a backup camera to a car.  Instead, Rydeen is developing a system that relies on a cigarette pack-sized projector that sits in the headliner of the car.  It then projects an image onto the windshield.

Rydeen President Phil Maeda says the image is clear and HD quality.  The system would use a hardwired connection between the camera and projector.

Rydeen may bring a prototype of the product to CES in January.

The current challenge is adding the reflector material to the windshield, said Maeda.




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