Apple Opens the Ultimate Retail Store

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Apple store

The gold standard in retailing created by the Apple Store, just got a makeover, so it may be worth taking a look for a few ideas.

We doubt car audio retailers are going to put live trees in the center of the showroom, as has Apple, but there are other ideas worth pursuing.

The flagship store opens Saturday in San Francisco’s Union Square Park and its format will roll out to other future stores.   It’s pretty over the top with huge glass windows and doors, meant to be a world class venue.

But here’s an interesting takeaway.  Apple wants its future stores to be meeting places in the community. It has set up a room for local arts groups or concerts, and some stores will have a small park-like area with WiFi for concerts and other gatherings.

Concerts, music?  That might spark some ideas for local coffee house sessions or mini concerts at your shop. Or local meetings of the Corvette club…

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s new retail VP, said the company wants its new stores to play a greater role in the community.

Apple actually thinks of its stores as the “largest product” it sells.  The stores show off the company as a design innovator and forward-thinking company.

The Genius Bar, where you get customer service, trouble shooting and repair becomes the Genius Grove located in an open space with live trees.

There’s now a 6K screen located upstairs in an area called “the forum” that can be a community meeting center.

Just to make sure customers get a good first impression, there’s a 42 foot sliding glass door entrance.

There’s also a new “boardroom” or conference table area where small businesses and startups can sit with app developers to get advice.

And there’s a new position at the stores called the Apple Creative Pro.  His job is to help shoppers with questions specifically on music, photography, videos, etc.

At a press event for the store, Ahrendts said she wants people to say, “Hey, meet me at Apple,” reported The Verge.

Head over to The Verge for more photos.

Source: Apple,  USA Today and The Verge


Photo: CNET

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  1. Bingo Gary !!!,
    Brick & mortar, installing specialty retailers can generally take a great deal from the “consumer experience” delivered by a Starbucks, Apple store, Nordstrom’s, Lexus service center, high end steakhouse, etc… It is not necessary to copy the plant & equipment. It is a good idea however, to understand the “feeling” experienced by the consumer and focus on creating that sensation for his consumer.

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