Exclusive: CarPlay Part Shortage Causes GM to Halt Sales of CarPlay in Some Trucks

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Chevy Silverado 2016

A shortage in the module enabling CarPlay and Android Auto has caused General Motors to pull CarPlay and Android Auto capability from some of its 2016 truck models.

According to a Technical Service Bulletin issued last week, car dealers must inform customers that certain 2016 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 and HD trucks no longer offer CarPlay and Android Auto. Dealers are authorized to offer customers a $200 credit in compensation.

The problem is a shortage of what is called the HMI (Human Machine Interface) module for CarPlay and Android Auto.

Some of the trucks that have an 8-inch color touch screen are affected and will be built with an earlier version of the HMI module that does not offer CarPlay or Android Auto.   The substitution started in mid-May and will last about 1 1/2 months according to a letter to Chevrolet dealers.

The shortage puts GM and Chevy dealers in a difficult position as GM is heavily advertising CarPlay and Android Auto and current marketing material and brochures include the feature, hence the $200 stipend.

We’ve asked car radio makers if they have also  experienced a shortage of CarPlay/Android Auto HMI modules but have not yet received a response.




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