New Radar Detector Technology Stops False Alerts

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Whistler Z11R

 A new radar technology to stop false alerts in radar detectors has been announced by Whistler.

The proliferation of cars on the road with new safety systems like collision detection are causing false alerts in radar detectors, mainly in the K band.   It’s turning radar detectors into “new car detectors,” said Whistler.

It’s new technology is able to identify all radar based collision avoidance and blind spot detection systems that operate within K band radar. The feature is patent pending and called Field Disturbance Sensor Rejection (FDSR).

The feature will be available on all new Whistler radar detector models for 2016. The new detectors will also include other false-rejection technology including Traffic Flow Sensor Rejection.

“As automotive technology and vehicles become more advanced, we have seen an increase in false alerts received on radar detection systems,” said Leslie Folsom, EVP Operations & Marketing. “We’ve worked hard to develop this technology to recognize and filter out nuisance alerts to create a better driving experience for our customers.”

Whistler’s 2016 radar detector models will be available starting in May at retail prices from $49 to $199.

Photo: Current Whistler Z-11 laser radar detector

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