Here’s the First Radar Detector to Work With Car Radios

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Kenwood radio with K40

K40 revealed it will be the first radar detector to work with new Kenwood car radios, so that radar information appears on the radio screen.

K40 said a stealth (custom installed) radar detector will work with 8 new Kenwood radios to show radar alerts and signal strength, radar band and speed of the vehicle at time of detection. The driver can also silence alerts using steering wheel buttons and see real time status in the new Kenwood “widget” view.

More information on the K40 detectors to work with the radios will be announced in the second half of this year.

As we reported Wednesday, Kenwood’s radios are the first to work with a radar detector, when used with a separate iDatalink Maestro interface module.

The new Kenwood radios that will work with K40 detectors and the Maestro module are the eXcelon DNX893S, DNX693S, DDX9903S and DDX6903S along with the Kenwood DNX773S, DNX573S, DDX9703S and DDX6703S.


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  1. Will these be backwards compatible to similar units that also support the ads rr pieces such as the DNX892 and DNX692?

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