Kenwood Intros First Car Radio With Radar Detector Link

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Kenwood DNX893S

Kenwood is offering the first car radios that work with radar detectors to display radar warnings on the radio screen and control that information

Eight Kenwood car radios will work with select radar detector makers,  the first of which is expected to be named later at CES .  The radios must be used with an optional the iDatalink Maestro RR module from Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) to support the radar integration.

The decks will display red light and speed camera information and radar detection warnings.

The optional Maestro module can also be used to receive new advanced features from the car when combined with a Kenwood radio.

The following Kenwood car radios will work with the Maestro module to offer radar detector viewing and other advanced features: eXcelon DNX893S, DNX693S, DDX9903S and DDX6903S along with the Kenwood DNX773S, DNX573S, DDX9703S and DDX6703S. Additional eXcelon models that are iDatalink Maestro-ready are the DDX793, DDX593 and DDX393, DDX773BH and DDX573BH.

Here are all the Maestro’s new advanced features to be supported by Kenwood radios:

  • Curving parking guidelines will be available on the Kenwood display when used in conjunction with a back-up camera, allowing a driver to see the parking guidelines turn while they turn the steering wheel during parking. Users can also switch from front to rear cameras, and make adjustments to zoom or angle the image and more, by the radio touch screen.
  • Parking assist functions are improved to include the viewing of side parking sensors and the option to designate front or rear speakers to give warning sounds near specific parking sensors.
  • Vehicle information has been expanded to include tire temperature, gear position and emergency brake status.
  • Steering wheel heater control is now a customizable option on the climate control screen of the Kenwood multimedia receiver.
  • Gauges will be updated to include an arrow to inform the driver it’s time to shift into a higher gear.
  • User customization is offered in multiple areas including the option to automatically match Kenwood screen graphics to the vehicle’s factory illumination


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