Alpine’s New Rear Seat System Even Cleans the Car

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Alpine Electronics is showing at CES a rear seat entertainment system that does more than just playback video on a large 11.4-inch screen. It also ionizes the air particles to keep your car clean.

The entertainment system is a mechless (no DVD/CD) media player with HDMI to work with portable devices to playback movies. It comes with two pairs of wireless headphones. And it can work with other car audio systems such as the new X110-SRA and X110-SLV truck radio systems.

As for the ionizer, it discharges plasma with positive and negative ions into the air and when the ions come in contact with a mold spore, bacteria or virus, they transform into hydroxyl (OH) radicals and steal hydrogen (H) from the bacteria’s surface. This breaks down the bacteria’s protein. And when the hydrogen and OH radicals combine, they create water (H2O) which is then returned to the air, and contaminants and odors are removed, said Alpine.

The rear seat system, PKG-RSE4AP, is expected to be available in January at $1,400.

Alpine is also introducing a new CDE-163BT CD receiver that can play FLAC files up to 96kHz for Hi-Res Audio support via USB. The receiver has Bluetooth with audio streaming and a front USB input. It’s Made for iPod and iPhone ready and can control Pandora on your phone (Android or iPhone) from the radio. It is also SiriusXM ready with 6-channel time correction and 9-band EQ at $240 approximate suggested retail price. Shipping is expected in January.


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