Harman Shows Portable Audio System for Cars

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Harman is introducing a branded OEM portable audio system that can be tailored to dock in specific cars to boost the audio, while doubling as a removable portable system that can be used in the home, office or outdoors.

The Voyager Drive is a portable Bluetooth speaker system that can pop in and out of the vehicle dashboard. Harman said it gives car makers the option of including a basic branded audio system in lower cost vehicles.

When docked in the car, the system charges automatically.  It provides both Bluetooth audio streaming from a phone and handsfree calling.  When removed from the car it has a 5 hour battery life.

The Voyager Drive can also work with a removable car bass box.

The system is aimed at “the fast growing segment of young consumers who demand portability and personalization without compromising quality,” said Harman.

It will be on view during CES at the Hard Rock Hotel.

No car makers have yet committed to offer the system as it is just making its debut, said Harman.

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