New SoundSkins Car Audio Brand Debuts

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A new brand of sound dampening material called SoundSkins USA is launching in the US offering larger sized sheets for more elegant installs.

John Schwartz, owner of Perfectionist Auto Sound, a multiple award winning retailer in Alaska is heading SoundSkins USA.

SoundSkins comes in large 20 by 79-inch sheets so that installers don’t need to cut and paste from smaller batches of material.  A large door panel can now be dampened with one continuous sheet for a more professional looking installation, said Schwartz.

The material is made of high density closed cell foam so it is better able to shield from road and engine noise.

Schwartz compared it’s appeal to high quality Tesa tape that helps a wiring harness install look like it’s from the factory.   “The wiring in our door panels is beautiful. The only thing that’s never beautiful is this aluminum that’s all over the place. So we wanted to make something where you don’t have to keep cutting a chunk and it can match the beautiful tweeter pod you just made, so it can be clean and uniform too.”

The product was developed in Australia in a joint effort with retailer Daniel Gardner of Carbon Car Systems.  Schwartz is now launching the US arm.

Free samples are currently shipping with full product availability expected in early 2016.



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