New Controls For 12 Volt Radios

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Bosch Haptic controls

A new type of on-screen controls for car radios could mean safer (and more fun) radio operation while driving.

Bosch has introduced touch screen controls with a new kind of haptic feedback, that now adds an extra layer of pressure sensitivity so you can access more features.

Haptic controls give you a physical, tactile sensation when operating the screen so “soft” onscreen buttons feel like real buttons.  Bosch’s innovation is that the haptic feed back is now more immediate and also that the controls can sense the level of touch pressure, so a light press can access some functions and a hard press can access others.

The controls won a 2016 CES Innovation award last week.

The controls can also provide audible and visual feedback, so you might get a clicking sound to confirm an on-screen button was pressed and the visual appearance of the button might change for yet another confirmation.

Since drivers can feel and “hear” the key presses, it’s no longer necessary to look at screen, say to change a radio station, leading to safer radio operation, said Bosch.

The touch screen is equipped with two sensors: a conventional touch sensor and a second sensor that measures the amount of pressure from the fingers.


A Bosch spokesperson said the technology was only recently developed so it has not been shown to aftermarket suppliers.

The technology will be on display at CES in Las Vegas January 6-9, North Hall booth 2302 Las Vegas Convention Center.


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