Introducing ZSTAT 12V Speakers and Amplifiers

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ZSTAT subwoofers

Norton’s Car Stereo, a 5 store chain out of South Carolina, wanted to make speakers with less distortion and better reliability.

It aimed to create a workhorse 1,000 watt amp that consistently over-performed.

So owner Jim Norton began selling his own ZSTAT (Zero Static) line of subwoofers, which gradually expanded into coaxials and amplifiers as well.

“I had a history of helping other companies develop better products. I had all kinds of companies sending me products to critique and repair. I decided to do it for myself. I designed some things and sought a manufacturer.”

A few retailers also sell the line and a distributor in the Midwest is considering picking it up. Norton said he wanted to ramp up the business slowly.

All the products offer high margins.  There are two lines of subwoofers that include dual 4- and dual 2-ohm subwoofers that are designed to work well in small vented and small sealed enclosures. They work in 0.6 to 0.8 cubic foot vented enclosures so they can be placed in the small cavities under the seats of truck.

Norton claims he sees less than 1 percent returns on the product. And he says his 500 watt amplifier is beating some of the 1,000 watt amplifiers in bench tests for power and sound quality.

Amplifier models include a ZD1000 ZD1800 and ZD500.1 Class D monoblocks, which are joined by the ZAB250 AB 2-channel and the ZAB600.5 5 channel rated at 600 watts RMS total. A ZAB1504, 4-channel is rated at 100 watts total RMS.

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