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Kicker KITS Klock Werks

After announcing the line at KnowledgeFest, Kicker is now shipping 7 audio solutions for motorcycles developed along with Klock Werks Custom Cycles, SD.

The products include a Kicker speaker/amp combination and Klock Werks wiring harness and brackets.  Called Klock Werks FIT KITs Powered by Kicker, the kits are all-weather audio systems designed to integrate with more than 100 different motorcycles from brands including Harley Davidson, Victory, Indian and Kawasaki.

The FIT KIT’s 5-1/4-inch coaxial speakers add almost no weight to the bike, and they fit without any modification. They use titanium-dome tweeters with neodymium magnets, and claim a frequency response of 60Hz-20kHz for sound that can be heard above engine and road noise.

The amplifier weighs under 2 pounds, again, so it doesn’t interfere with the balance of the bike.  It delivers 200 watts of power (100w x 2 at 1 Ohm) using Direct-Amp Technology that draws a “miniscule” amount of current from the bike. It also includes gain control, a built-in crossover and auto turn-on.

Wires are cut to length, pre-terminated, insulated and sheathed in a custom wire loom, for installation.  The harness features all battery, speaker, radio and amplifier connections.

Models are as follows:


Motorcycle Make   Motorcycle Model                                         Model Year         KICKER VSS Model
Harley-Davidson   Electra Glide/Street Glide/Ultra Glide/trikes                           1996-2013           FHDESU96

Tour Packs                                                     1996-2013           RHDT96

Road Glide                                                    1998-2013           FHDR98

Victory                    Cross Country                                               2010-2015           FVICXC10

Cross Country Tour                                      2010-2015           RVICXCT10

Indian                     Chieftain                                                         2014-2015           FINC14

Kawasaki                Vaquero/Voyager                                          2009-2015           FKAVV09



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