New Mid City Mercedes Backup Cam Solution

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Mid City Backup Camera for E-Class

Mid City Engineering has developed a plug and play backup camera kit for Mercedes-Benz E-Class vehicles.

The kit includes a factory camera using a Mid City OBD2 plug-in programmer, that instructs the car’s computer system to accept the camera. It also includes a harness.

Mid City’s Dan Ruby said, “Mercedes-Benz shipped tons of E-Class vehicles to their dealers without the backup camera because the cameras were on back order.   And they didn’t pre-wire the cars to add them later on. There are maybe 1,000 units out there in the US that don’t have the backup camera.”

He said the only other aftermarket option is to use an LVDS box video converter, but that creates a 3-second delay in conveying the camera image (which could result in a back over incident).

Mid City’s solution uses a Mercedes camera with a built-in video converter, along with the OBD2 programmer and harness at $799.

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