JL Audio Moves More Manufacturing to US

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JL Audio Factory

JL Audio is moving all of its marine audio manufacturing from China back to the US and it will expand production for car and powersports audio in the US, it said.

The company already has 11 production lines in Miramar, FL and expects to add one or two lines a year over the next few years, it told the Sun-Sentinel.

Powersports,  car and home speaker production will also be expanded in the US, JL Audio VP Marketing Manville Smith told us. “All of these markets will be served by the new production capacity.”

Currently, more than half of JL Audio products are made in Florida including many car audio subwoofers, component speakers, enclosed car audio speaker systems and home audio subwoofers. Electrical components for some products including amplifiers continue to be made in Asia.

Car audio remains the largest part of JL Audio’s business, and the company is claiming an 8-10 percent increase this year in 12 volt, President Andy Oxenhorn told the Sun-Sentinel.  This July, marine audio saw a gain of 30 percent compared to a year ago.

The return of manufacturing to the US will result in higher labor costs for JL Audio initially, but those extra costs “are not substantial considering the lower quality the company experienced with its Chinese contractors,”  Oxenhorn told the Sun-Sentinel.

Florida is helping the company’s expansion with a $105,000 incentive package if it adds at least 30 workers at an average annual wage of $44,579, said the Sun-Sentinel, adding that JL employs 350 people nationwide, and plans a $9.4 million capital investment at its site in Miramar.

All JL speakers produced in Florida are 100 percent quality control checked, noted Smith.

Source: CEoutlook and Sun-Sentinel

Photo via Sun-Sentinel


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  1. Rick, as you may be aware, the regulations surrounding “Made in USA” marking are not exactly clear, and are often abused. Our products built in Miramar, FL, are marked “Built in USA, with imported and domestic components”. This reflects the fact that we source component parts on the global market (including many sourced in USA), and build the speakers, enclosures, home subwoofers, etc. here in Miramar, Florida.

    In the EU, a company could say “Made in EU” or “Made In Germany/France/Italy, etc.” while still having lots of Asian sourced components in the product. They only care about where the final transformation takes place. We allow those products to be imported to the USA with “Made in Germany” on them (for example), while our government kneecaps U.S. manufacturers with much more stringent origin marking requirements. The JL Audio products we build in Florida are made in USA, just as much as the European brands’ speakers are “Made in the EU”, yet we can’t claim the same thing they are allowed to claim. Pretty frustrating, really.

  2. The article states half of its products are “made” in Florida. Is that accurate or are they assembled in the US of foreign and domestic products?

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