First Rockford Designed & Built Marine Head Units Ship

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Rockford marine radios

Rockford Fosgate is shipping the first marine head units to be designed, engineered and built by Rockford.

The line includes models with built-in 2.7 screens and the ability to link to the CAN network in a boat.

All four Moto-Marine decks are mechless head units, and all include Bluetooth and the ability to work with an iPhone or iPod. Two of the four units have a built-in 2.7 inch display and the top of the line model PMX-8 is a two-piece unit with a separate color display and a black box for electronics.

The PMX-8 includes a 5-inch ultra-bright display, SiriusXM capability and four zone control with the ability to stream different sources to different zones. Users can stream Pandora to the wakeboard speakers while playing SiriusXM in the galley and FM radio on the deck. It also supports Android at $749.

A mid-priced model, PMX-5 has a 2.7-inch full color display with Sirius XM, Android compatibility, Pandora streaming, 2-zone control and global AM/FM/WB tuner at $399.

The basic model PMX-0 has a USB input at $149.

All are IPEX6 water- and dust proof.

Rockford will provide next spring an off-board module to allow the units to connect to the CAN network in a boat.

All of Rockford’s marine “Element-Ready” will be on display at the IBEX 2015 marine show in Louisville, KY, Sept. 15 – 17.

Source: Rockford

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  1. I am sure they will be just like the last 10 lines of product to come outa the junk house…..Fosgate’s days are done.

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