New High Tech Remote Start Line Debuts

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ADS first remote starters

Automotive Data Solutions (ADS), maker of bypass modules for remote starters has made the leap to selling full remote start systems including some with transmitters.

The company announced its first full remote start packages at KnowledgeFest this week, with all-in-one remote starters with built-in bypass modules in various packages under its new iDataStart line.  Some of new packages include transmitters with up to 3,000 foot range.

The line works with up to 10,000 vehicles that don’t need an extra module or key that hides in the car.  Additionally, the company offers plug and play T-harnesses for 80 percent of the most popular vehicles including those from Chrysler, Ford, GM, Honda, Mazda and Nissan.

A new HC2 package includes a pair of two-way transmitters, instead of the typical one 1-way and one 2-way transmitter bundle.   An HC1 package includes two 1-way transmitters and an HCX package comes without transmitters but allows 3X lock start, where the driver can press the lock button on his factory key fob three times to remote start the car, so there’s no need for a separate transmitter.

Accessory transmitters are also available for mix and match systems.

The iDataStart line ships in September.

Photo: ADS’s Dan Facciolo shows the new iDataStart line at KnowledgeFest.


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  1. It’s funny most of the guy’s working for ads come from DEI… For the massive recall ADS have same issue just ignore it!

    Both compagny have the issue othing was perfect 😉

  2. the nice thing about ads is its not like dei that tries to shove 4 other product lines down your throat to be able to carry theres. Ads is so far ahead of dei it’s not even funny!! I’m still waiting for the Mercedes remote start system from Dei!! Lmfao.

    I was a DI and 80’s Dealer for several years and the amount of failures out of dei product was ten times more than ads or compustar combined.

    I will never become a dei direct Dealer again for the rest of my career.

  3. Some one needs to buy out auto correct and fix it. It’s broken. I hope governments don’t use it. My last comment was done on a cell phone, auto correct butchered my words. Beware of the goofed up text message you can make.

  4. I see DEI buying them out before you know it. I would. If the comp has some nothing better buy the company, and all its assets and parents. Rebrand it and sell it like its your own.

    1. Curious what you mean? I don’t see anything in this article that Directed doesn’t already do. Not trying to argue, I’m just trying to learn.

      1. It’s not that they don’t do some of the same vehicles….But ADS does it right. MY time as a owner needs to be spent making happy clients, not returning to the car because of product is not functioning as expected. When ADS releases firmware I can count on my install time being profitable. Thanks, ADS!!

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