Another Tesla-Style Screen Debuts

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Mitsubishi touchscreen

The next car maker to employ a Tesla-style over-sized screen to control all car functions is Mitsubishi.

A 12.1 inch touchscreen replaces the entire center console so that nearly every function of the vehicle is controlled by touchscreen plus a 488 x240 heads up display that projects on to the windshield.

The screen is super-flexible as it can switch to ½ screen or 1/3rd screen to display navigation only, or navigation + media player or navigation + media player+ climate controls.

This is an Android car, not Android Auto, but the system is running on a version of Android.

Mitsubishi claims this system is “cost effective.” Called the FLEXConnect.IVI, it claims to require only minimal attention from the driver.

Information can be shared among the 3 different displays in the car (there’s also a 12.3 inch instrument cluster).

Mitsubishi doesn’t state when the new system will ship but 9to5Google speculates it will appear in the 2016 cars appearing later this year.

Source: Mitsubishi via 9to5Google

Photo via Mitsubishi.  It said, “The Cadillac is strictly a demo vehicle that Mitsubishi has used for the IVI.”

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