Focal Trip to France Attended by Car Toys

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Focal tour 2015

Focal treated employees of Car Toys, Seattle who won a sales contest to a factory tour of the Focal facilities near Paris, France.


Car Toys employees received a factory tour where Flax and Kevlar speakers were in production and they listened to a demo of the $175,000 Focal Grand Utopia EM speakers.

Shown in the picture in order:

Donnie Darouse,  Pierre Perard (Focal) , Brent Heaton,  Johnathon Stanford,  Joshua Guerra,  Duane Pilgrim (Orca Design). Missing from the photo is  Jennifer Quesada.

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  1. Paris?! Focal has it’s main office and facilities at Saint Etienne, it’s in 523 km (~325 miles) from Paris. Maybe not so long distance, if see from US 🙂

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