Silencer Security Announces New Distributor

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Silencer Security Systems, a division of Magnadyne, now led in sales and marketing by former Auto Page exec Mike Northup, has formed a distribution partnership with Electrical Distributing, Inc. (EDI) in the Pacific Northwest.

EDI was actually founded in 1878, and has been distributing consumer electronics since 1934.  It has locations in Portland and Seattle.

The Silencer brand was previously sold by Magnadyne via car dealerships nationwide from the 1990’s to the mid-2000’s. Silencer was launched as an aftermarket brand in the fall of 2014.

Silencer and EDI most recently exhibited at the third annual PNWCEE (Pacific North West Consumer Electronics Expo) shown above.

For more information on EDI, you can go to their website For more information on Silencer Security visit


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