Some Apps to Make the Apple Watch Worth Buying

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Apple Watch apps

It’s likely that the Apple Watch that launches today will only be as successful as the apps that run on it.

A few apps have already been singled out as noteworthy such as one from IFTTT that lets you assign some everyday tasks to buttons on the watch, such turning up the thermostat, or activating the coffee machine or the lights (if you have smart devices). The app is called Do Button.

Shazam now works right on your watch so when a great song comes on the radio you don’t have to fumble for the phone. And with a new Uber app you can now just tap on your watch to order a cab.

This being CEoutlook, we should mention some of the car apps. If you happen to own an electric BMW, there’s an app that lets you know when your car is fully charged. Called BMW i Remote, it also lets you remotely adjust the cabin temperature from your watch so the car cabin is comfy when you are about to drive. And you can check door lock status and range.

Another app lets you feed the parking meter and gives you a reminder when your time is almost up (PayByPhone Parking).

Directed is planning a Viper app that will remote start your car from the watch although it is not in the Apple Store yet.

You can visit the new Watch App store at

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