Viper Intros Smartwatch Remote Start for 2015

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Viper offers remote start from Watch,

Directed will offer the ability to remote start a car from an Apple Watch or Android Wear watch by early 2015.

Users will be able to remote start their car from anywhere in the world directly from their smartwatch as well as remotely lock/unlock car doors and track their cars.

Directed will offer the feature through its Viper brand in a free download for Android and iOS devices through the Viper SmartStart app version 4.0.

The system will be on view at the CES Show this week in Las Vegas demonstrated with an LG G series smartwatch.

All current users of Viper SmartStart (currently available for remote start from a smartphone) will be able to use their system with an Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatch at no additional cost.

And going forward, Viper SmartStart will work with both smartwatches and smartphones (so the hardware will be one and the same).

“Wearable technology will give Viper SmartStart users the ability to feel connected with their vehicle in an even more accessible and convenient way,” said Frank DeMartin, Senior VP of Development and Engineering for Viper. “Whether people choose to use Viper SmartStart through their smartphone, smart watch or both, the updated Viper SmartStart 4.0 app will enhance their ability to seamlessly communicate with their car.”

The new SmartStart 4.0 will have a new easier to use home screen for quicker access to key functions.

Viper SmartStart 2.0 pricing starts at $149.

The system will be displayed at booth 1215 in North Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Source: Directed

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