First of Bose Next Gen OEM Systems Revealed

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Bose 34 speakers

Bose will show off later this week, a new 34 speaker system for the 2016 Cadillac CT6 using a mere 20 channels of custom equalization and digital signal processing.

But while this new “Panaray” system is designed exclusively for the Cadillac CTS, it’s the start of the next generation of Bose general OEM systems called the “Advanced Technology Series.”

Bose says its next generation system will use technology from its home audio and Pro products for “unprecedented performance in a car.”

A Bose spokesman said, “Other Bose Advanced Technology Series systems will have different brand names and different specifications, components, etc.  These systems are completely customized in collaboration with our OEM customers.” He added, “And I can’t provide any details on what future Advanced Technology offerings will look like, but we’re excited about what the future holds!”

As for the Cadillac 34-speaker system, it includes a dedicated amplifier for woofers and a digital amplifier in the trunk plus speakers mounted all over the car including in the headrests and under the seats.  The image above shows more of the speaker placement and components. Cadillac will also offer the system in two step down options on the CT6 in 8- and 10-speaker versions.  The CT6 will debut at the New York Auto Show later this week.

Bose created the world’s first factory-installed premium sound system for General Motors in the early 1980s.

Source: Cadillac, Bose

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  1. I would not buy a car or truck that forced me to have speakers in the headrests. It’s great fun for Cirque de Solei, but not for high fidelity in a mobile environment. Ridiculous, at best!

  2. 34 speakers and will still sound like polished crap. No highs, no lows… must be Bose.

  3. why stop at 34 speakers-why not 100?
    i am gonna make great money repairing this
    system when it leaves warranty coverage.

    what the frick are they thinking?

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