This is What Cars.Com Hates About Car Radios

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car radio

According to, the car radio accounted for half the top ten most annoying features of the car overall, and you can add a sixth for the alarm system.

This wasn’t a survey, but the conclusion of reviewers who claim to test hundreds of cars on all types of roads and in all kinds of weather.

Top on the complaint list are touch sensitive controls and especially touch controls for functions that typically require a knob like radio tuning.

Another beef—navigation systems that lock you out of inputting an address while driving. While they understand the safety of locking out the driver, some cars also lock out the passenger which is just annoying.

Next up is voice controlled systems that don’t have a clue what you are saying, followed by car alarms that malfunction.

Also among the top 10 complaints for the car in general are over-large keyfobs, auto stop-start and side mirrors that are too small.


Photo:, Evan Sears

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  1. I think the days of the aftermarket car radio are on the decline, and it’s too late now, but I always did see an opportunity for any manufacturer who had the desire to manufacture an aftermarket radio that’s actually designed properly—two knobs, a display that can be seen in the daytime, and sensible controls.

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