New DSP From MObridge

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mObridge DA3

MObridge announced the release of a new digital signal processor–the M1000-M-DA3.

The DA3 is designed to replace the factory amplifier in cars on the MOST bus system (Audi, BMW, Mercedes, MINI, Porsche, Volvo among others).

It allows you to add high end aftermarket car audio components to the factory audio system.

The new DA3 DSP has a high 192kHZ sampling rate 24-bit DA converter that ” improves the signal on the way through,” says Julian Merritt, Director of mObridge. “Via the PC controlled user interface, you can map and make adjustments to each individual channel to suit your car and components.”

Features include a 1024 point master equalizer, crossover point and slope selector, time alignment, phase inversion, and gain for each individual channel, however you can still use the bass, treble, balance and fader of the factory system in addition.

Adjustment can be made to the 1024 point graphic equalizer either for individual speakers (unique) or as a complete system (Master EQ).  Users can also adjust the time alignment of each speaker so that the sound arrives to a ‘sweet spot’ usually the drivers seat, at the same time, and this can be done by moving a crosshair with your mouse to the desired place in the vehicle (also unique).

Other features include 8 Channel RCA Output, and 12 volt remote switching trigger.  The DA3 is also firmware upgradable.  It is shipping now at a suggested retail price of $749.

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