FOCAL Ships First FLAX Subwoofers

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Focal FLAX subs

Focal is shipping the first subwoofers to use its new FLAX cones that are rigid but light for cleaner sound.

Flax is twice as light as fiberglass because the fiber is hollow. Focal says it drew on design lessons learned from the production of its Utopia $175,000 home speakers in using the flax in a sandwich structure for car audio speakers.

Focal has offered the technology in component speakers but it’s now shipping the first subwoofers with FLAX in three sizes.  All use dual magnets and a single 4 0hm voice coil.

New models include the P20F 8-inch subwoofer that handles 250 watts RMS, from 39-500Hz at $360 suggested retail price.  It has a steel basket along with the FLAX cone and it works with a minimum enclosure of 10 liters/0.35 cu feet.

The 10-inch P25 handles 300 watts RMX 33-500Hz with an Xmax of 14mm or .55 inches and works with an enclosure of 18.4 liters/0.65 cu feet (sealed box).  Suggested retail price is $420.

The 12-inch P30F handles 400 watts RMS 27-500Hz and works with an enclosure measuring  28.3 liters/ 1 cu ft at $480.

FLAX cones sandwich a layer of flax between two fiberglass sheets for low mass acceleration, rigidity for low distortion and damping for neutrality, says Focal.


Source: Focal


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