Best Buy Aims for 100 Percent MECP Installers

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Best Buy Q4 2020

As of January 31, Best Buy will hire only MECP certified installers and it has launched a program to train all of its Geek Squad Autotech installers to be certified under the MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional) program.

Best Buy employs approximately 2,000 Geek Squad Autotechs, and currently more than three-quarters  of them are MECP certified.  The company is now aiming to bring its MECP certification to 100 percent by next year.

Best Buy said that MECP installers are generally more productive and better installers.

“MECP certified employees deliver superior work, are highly productive and at the end of the day, tend to stay in their jobs longer, all of which contribute to high customer satisfaction levels,” Timothy Goebel, manager of Geek Squad Autotech Services told us in an interview.

Goebel compared MECP certification to the auto mechanics’ ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) program, where the ASE label gives customers added confidence in their repair technicians.

He said the company is currently offering a $300 sign-on bonus for any new employee that is hired that is currently MECP certified.

Best Buy plans in the future to promote its MECP certified techs using joint MECP and GeekSquad logos.

The company has also created a “more robust” training program over the past 6 months to offer ongoing help to Autotechs to receive MECP certification or to get advanced certification.

Currently 137 of Best Buy’s Geek Squad Autotechs have received Master Installer certification, MECP’s highest level.

Best Buy operates more than 1,000 locations with car audio installation.

The chain said it helped design the MECP certification program many years ago.

MECP is the only nationally recognized program that certifies car audio installers and salespeople on install techniques and expertise. It’s owned and operated by the Consumer Electronics Association and has certified more than 35,000 installers since its creation in 1991.  More than 4,000 installers take the certification exam annually.

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  1. The gourmet chef may always talk down to the guy flipping burgers, But not everyone wants or can afford aioli and duck livers. Stop assuming that because you’re the only one doing the job that you’re the only one that can.

  2. I have worked with and employed several best-buy installers. They have all had poor customer service skills and bad attitudes in general. When they graduate to smaller shops which require direct interaction with customers they fail.

  3. i have found most of their installers to be untrainable to meet my level of performance. just speakers and
    simple head unit guys. good luck

  4. Kudos to BBY for trying to get their installers up to snuff. That being said, the problem is not the installers ability, it is Best Buy’s entire business model for 12v. They need to fix the HUGE glaring issues, like the ability to actually sell product. Is it right to have technicians do the scheduling, answer calls, check customers in, and drive the sales floor? Pretty antiquated way of doing things.

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