Two New Rockford Electronics Products

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Rockford introduced two electronics products at CES that slipped under our radar.

The first is a Bluetooth module that converts any amplifier or head unit into a Bluetooth audio streaming device.    Rockford’s model is the RFBTRCA with RCA outputs at $49.99.

It joins several other universal Bluetooth modules shown at CES for use with amplifiers or head units including units from JL Audio and MTX.

Drivers can now stream music from their phone to a car radio that might lack Bluetooth or to an amplifier in an ATV/UTV that doesn’t have a radio. The phone is the controller for the system. Rockford’s module is expected to ship in March.

A second product falls under Rockford’s new Crimestopper division and it’s a departure from the typical car safety products. It’s called a Hydroblast. It’s a small heating module that is professionally installed.  It heats up the windshield washer fluid so it can melt ice and actually clear the windshield in 90 seconds. For those of us Northern climates, it saves a lot of time scraping ice off the windshield.

It’s also effective in removing mud, bugs and other debris off the windshield, so it can be used for fleets and for convenience in any climate.

The unit is a small device that mounts on the firewall of the car and taps into the hoses for the windshield washer fluid. You can see a video on it here.   It has a retail price of $199 installed.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. I don’t even see this as a CES story as MTX is the only company mentioned that actually exhibited at CES as in the Consumer Electronics Show. The other companies simply took advantage of setting up shop in Vegas the week of CES to take advantage of the dealers going to Vegas to attend CES. Maybe if the products were on the show floor instead of miles away, you and a whole lot of others may have seen them in January. Thanks for the chuckle anyway.

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