HD Radio Shows Future Service at CES

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HD Radio NextRadio

iBiquity, developer of HD Radio, showed off at CES a new “hybrid” radio service.

Developed with NextRadio, it give users more control over their FM and HD Radio.

Basically, the service provides the interaction that’s lacking in a standard radio, with a tablet-like touch screen format, and HD Radio is offering this platform to aftermarket radio makers and OEM suppliers.

Users can see what’s playing on many stations at once with with art for easier channel surfing.  And users get, what every radio listener wants—a dislike button to click if they don’t like a song playing, so the station gets feedback on its play lists.

You can bookmark songs to purchase later, contact the station, interact with advertisements and hit a button for giveaways and promotions.

NextRadio calls the system “hybrid radio” because it combines radio with the interactivity of a smartphone app.

NextRadio makes its own FM app for smartphones that is on 15 million phones.

HD Radio said it is currently in active discussions with OEMs and their suppliers, but can’t discuss specifics regarding a launch date for the system.

Source: CEoutlook

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