Diamond Ships Bluetooth Ready Amps

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Diamond HXM1200 6D

Diamond Audio will ship its first amplifiers with bluetooth ports in early spring.

The multi-channel amplifiers in its new Motorsports line are among the industry’s first to use a direct connect BTR (Bluetooth Receiver) port that will be compatible with new bluetooth receivers from Diamond.  They will allow music streaming from smartphones or other bluetooth devices with control for play/stop, skip, and pause.

The full line of Motorsports amplifiers, shown at CES this month, include two Class D mono-block models (HXM800.1D and HXM1200.1D), a 2-channel (HXM800.2D) and 4-channel model(HXM800.4D), and the company’s smallest 6-channel amplifier (HXM1200.6D).

The line uses the latest IR chipset design and full aluminum construction and all stainless steel hardware that meets and exceeds IP65 marine grade specifications. They also use a fully conformal-coated PC board.

Suggested retail prices for Motorsport amplifiers range from $849.99 to $1,249.99.

Power output includes:

HXM800.2D MOTORSPORT 2-Channel, 450W X 2 @ 2Ω / 300W X 2 @ 4Ω RMS

HXM800.4D MOTORSPORT 4-Channel, 180W X 4 @ 2Ω / 120W X 4 @ 4Ω RMS

HXM800.1D MOTORSPORT 1-Channel, 800W X 1 @ 1Ω RMS

HXM1200.1D MOTORSPORT 1-Channel, 1200W X 1 @ 1Ω RMS

HXM1200.6D MOTORSPORT 6-Channel, 150W X 4 @ 2 Ω / 300W X 2 @ 4Ω RMS


For more information on Diamond Audio, contact 213-261-4161 or visit www.diamondaudio.com

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