Ground Zero Ships New Subwoofers, Amps

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Ground Zero_GZRW-25XSPL

Ground Zero announced new subwoofers and amplifiers for 2015.

Under its Radioactive line, new subwoofers include 10 inch SPL models available in a 2 x 1 ohm version called the GZRW 25XPLD1 and a 2 x 2 ohm version, model  GZRW 25XSPL-D2. Both use 2.5-inch high grade copper voice coils and yellow steel baskets with double layer Polycot spiders.

They are joined by 15-inch subwoofers available in a 2 x 2 ohm version, model GZRW 15D2, and a 2 x 4 ohm version, GZRW 15D4. They use 3-inch voice coils with single layer Polycot spiders and black steel baskets.

Also new are Nuclear low impedance amplifiers including a 4-channel “GZNA 4330XII” and the mono “GZNA 1.2550DXII” that are 1 ohm stable per channel.  The former provides the output power of 4x 240/420/650W @ 4/2/1 Ohm and 2x 1300Watt in 2 ohm bridge-mode.

The new Class D Mono amplifier GZNA 1.2550DXII, which replaces the  GZNA 1.2500DXII, is rated at  1x 1100/2000/3100Watt @ 4/2/1 ohm.

The amps can be  linked together for 6200 watt @ 2 ohm.

Ground Zero was founded in the late 90s and produces car audio products engineered in Germany.

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