Falling Gas Prices Equated With Stereo Upgrades

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gas prices plunge

An AP news story this week about falling gas prices singled out a car stereo upgrade as the one thing consumers might do with the extra cash after filling up their tanks.

As the national average price of gasoline this week fell to $2.13/gallon, down from $3.63/gallon six months ago, it’s costing some drivers $40 less to fill up their tanks.

The AP story wrote, “That Chevy Tahoe you were eyeing will cost $39 less to fill up than it did in July. The Honda Fit now costs you just $23 to fill the tank. Maybe you can afford to throw in the booming premium stereo.”

Let’s hope drivers are thinking along the same lines.

A Ford F150 now costs $35 less to fill up than 6 months ago. The story lists the cost savings for other vehicles as well.

Source: AP via Yahoo News

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  1. Given the dilemma of “car stereo” over past several years, having, fallen ‘off the radar’ as a priority for descretionary spending, for many millennials (traditional core-demographic),
    ANY reference that implies increasing desire / relevance in the market, IS a ‘good thing,’ I believe.
    There is an every-expanding universe of cool gadgets to buy,
    and an unlimited number of options on where to execute that
    purchase, whatever it may be (headphones, iphones et all), that have made the ‘car audio’ upgrade far less critical today,
    and the widespread compromising of audio-quality (MP3 files)
    for total convenience, has clearly diminished desire to buy / upgrade vehicle AV systems.
    “Good Enough” to the current ‘McDonald’s Generation’ of audio consumers is ‘not good’ and simply represents one additional headwind 12V specialty retailers are faced with.
    Thus the need for solutions-based, relevant products that deliver compelling performance AND value, in the 12V realm, which are also fully protected, is now more critical than ever.

  2. Any time we can get free press from a major news outlet it is a great thing in my opinion. Thanks for this article Amy. I am now going to post the AP article to all my social media pages and my website.

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