Rockford Displays Helix Bluetooth-Ready DSP

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Helix DSP Pro

Rockford is displaying during CES, Helix and Match processors that are produced in conjunction with its European partner Audiotec Fischer.

The new Helix DSP PRO processor works with optional Helix modules including one for Bluetooth audio streaming and others for optical digital input or optical digital output.

The Helix DSP PRO is also the first of its kind “to perform full signal path sampling at a rate of 96kHz, resulting in an extended audio bandwidth up to more than 40kHz,” said Rockford, adding that the processor has “never before seen 10 channels of fully configurable output.”

The DSP PRO  has 64-bit resolution and 30-band paragraphic EQ per channel. It allows for time alignment adjustments in narrow 3.5mm steps and has automatic signal detection. Suggested retail price is $999.95.

Also on display is the Match digital signal processor, which is designed for use with factory audio systems. It offers easy installation and uses a Windows interface with a MicroSD slot to upload DSP settings without the need to connect to a PC. It includes graphic 30-band EQ per channel at $549.99.

The products will be on display during CES at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from Jan. 6-8.

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