Valeo Demos Smartwatch Car Control at CES

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Valeo, which demonstrated remote car parking from a phone in the past, is at CES 2015 showing new smartwatch technology for the car.

Its Valeo InBlue can lock and unlock a car from a smartphone or phone via Bluetooth. It can also remotely park the car  and access vehicle data such as tire pressure, fuel level and last location where the vehicle was parked.

The InBlue system uses a “virtual key” stored in the smartwatch or phone so drivers can leave their keys at home and still fully access their car. Data is regularly backed up in the smartphone and is available no matter how far the driver is from the vehicle (so he can check fuel level remotely, for example).

Drivers can also share the key remotely with another driver, to virtually transfer the keys to the car.

InBlue could be available on vehicles as early as 2016, said Valeo, a high tech OEM supplier.

The company is also demonstrating live at CES, its Cruise4U automated steering, braking and accelerating system It uses laser scanning technology to detect moving or stationary obstacles to avoid collisions.

Also new is a laser lighting system that can light up the road at distances of up to 600 meters with compact designs that do not interfere with headlamp styling. It uses an on-board camera to detect and locate other vehicles, and then adjust the high beam “to cast a shadowy area around the approaching vehicle while leaving the rest of the road lit.”

Valeo’s demonstrations will take place during CES at Booth CP10 on the CES Central Plaza, LVCC.

Source: Valeo

Photo via CNET

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