Fortin Halts Sales of EVO-ONE

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Fortin EVO-ONE

Fortin has temporarily halted sales of its new EVO-ONE remote start system because it quickly became a popular discounted item on eBay.

The EVO-ONE was released in September, allowing an easy remote start install in “high current” or non-pushbutton start vehicles. It includes the remote start and bypass module in one box and works with all EVO-ALL T-harnesses for simple installation.

“As soon as it was released, we saw sellers discounting it on eBay,” said Stephane Provost, Fortin Sales Manager for North America. The company will continue to restrict sales until it can renegotiate sales contracts with distributors to protect against Internet sales, he said.   Under the new contracts, EVO ONE sales will not be allowed on the Internet at all.

Fortin’s web site calls the EVO-ONE the “ultimate and smallest all-in-one high power data immobilizer bypass, doorlock, security system & remote start interface.” The company says the remote start system “raises the standard of hassle-free installation convenience to a whole new level.”

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. PR Spin Machine. Nothing wrong here, look the other way. Reality check: problems with units, not eBay price. Silly excuse given all of their stuff has been heavily discounted, not just this piece.

  2. This is awesome! A 12v company that does not want it’s product devalued by internet sales and is willing to do something about it. Fortin has gained my respect and business!

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