From SEMA: What’s New in 12V Lighting

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Oracle demo car

The trends in 12 volt lighting from SEMA included more 12 volt brands expanding into the segment and more combo lighting/accessory products.

Metra iBeam SEMA
Metra iBeam light bars at SEMA

Metra introduced its first light bars and flood lights. While it has sold strip lights in the past under the Heise brand, the company showed off at the SEMA Show new LED stainless steel light bars that are submersible in water. They come in dual row and single row models and use high quality Cree LED bulbs. Pricing is $299 for a 42-inch light bar, with dual rows of 3 watt bulbs. A single row version with 4 watt bulbs is $375.

Metra hopes to be a one stop shop for car audio stores that want to carry lighting, it said.

Luminix Jeep
Putco Luminix combo LED/truck grille

PUTCO’s Luminix line this year is offering LED lights built-in to truck radiator and bumper grilles. It is offering vehicle -specific grilles with LED light inserts. So a 2015 GMC Sierra insert includes three LEDs in a 6 inch bar design in a plug and play grille.   The light bars have 400 lumen output per LED and are made of stainless steel with black powder coated finishes. They come with wiring harnesses and installation hardware at prices from about $227 to $359.

Race Sport curved light bar
Race Sport curved light bar

Race Sport has expanded its LED light bar offering to 5 different series at different price points including curved models (as the bumpers on some cars are curved) and a camouflage line for hunters. The curved series has a  6500 Kelvin rating, with a 50,000 hour shelf life. Race Sport says it makes it easy for 12 volt dealers by offering installation accessories including brackets, relays, extension cords and vehicle-specific brackets.

Oracle is offering daytime running lights that can change color by remote control. So when you are on the road, you can have street legal white lights, but when you are at a car show, you can use a remote control to change the colors of the lights. The lighting kits are available for the 2014 and newer Camaro, Corvette C7, and other vehicles including the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban.

As reported earlier, Rigid showed at the SEMA Show a combination light bar with a slot for a GoPro.  See story here.   It also showed new IR night vision lights for hunters and military use.  The IR light cannot be seen by the naked eye (requires night vision glasses). It will damage your eyes if you look at it directly.  But in a dark setting, it illuminates an area, and you can’t tell where the light source is.  The IR night vision light bars come in many sizes and shapes.

PIAA in February, is releasing an LED lamp for power sports.  Lamps can be mounted on all four sides of a vehicle and they can rotate in any direction.   The LP270 LED lamps use polycarbonate lenses to prevent breakage.

PIAA is also shipping in February its first cube lamp. It uses reflection facing technology that directs the light beam concisely with more output per watt.  The cube lamps have a 6,000 Kelvin rating and 10G vibration for handling. A standard vibration rating is 4.4 G.

Source: CEoutlook

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