New GoPro Vehicle Device Wins Award at SEMA Show

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Rigid Capture GoPro

Rigid Industries showed a working prototype of a traditional LED light bar that houses a GoPro camera in the center.

The Capture GoPro Light Bar is a 10-inch  light bar with a waterproof cubby in the middle that connects the GoPro (removable) to power. There’s a snap in cover to protect the camera.

It was shown with a Hero 3+ GoPro, that is trickle charged while the vehicle is running so users can record their off-road or on-road adventures even at night.

Rigid believes it is the first to offer the combination light bar/GoPro.

The Capture should be available in early 2015 in two versions, one with the GoPro included and one without.

The dual row light bar uses Rigid’s radius housing technology for a greater light spread.

It won a Show Stopper Award from Diesel Tech magazine.

Source: CEoutlook




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