Most Expensive Car Speakers; First Sale

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Focal Ultima Kit

It’s one thing to produce  the most expensive car audio speakers in the world.* It’s another thing to sell them.

So we’re making note here of one of the first actual sales of the Focal Ultima Kit, a set of component speakers and 8-inch sub at $20,000.  The model with serial number 0001 was sold by Andres Electronics Experts in Kelowna, BC Canada.

It was purchased by J.J. Dubec, who is known to some for his GT-R mod in PasMag which went viral.

Dubec hasn’t decided which car he will put the new system in, so it hasn’t been installed yet.

The second Ultima kit sold to a dealer also went to Andres Electronics in Canada, and that one is heading for the demo boards in the store, said Manager Dave Oakley. In fact, the store is building a demo board specifically for the product.

The Focal Ultima system uses the same Beryllium dome tweeter used in the company’s super high end home audiophile system, plus a 6.5 inch woofer and 8- inch subwoofer that is specially designed to provide tight and flat bass in compact enclosures.

The 6-driver, two-way active system does NOT include amplifiers.

Oakley says Dubec is looking to buy a car to house the new Focal system and he expects to perform the build this coming spring.

Andres is a 9-store chain in 21 markets, which sells car audio as well as home audio and cellphones  (some of the store locations sell only home audio and cellphones).

Source: CEoutlook

* arguably the most expensive speakers that are true sale items, not just a show piece.

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  1. BRAVO to the guys at Andres Electronics Experts and Focal and the Canadian consumer. I am confident that these are terrific speakers and they will be installed by terrific guys and the consumer will be pleased. That said I am afraid, notwithstanding the *qualifier, there is a Japanese speaker manufacturer called BEWITH who has been selling similarly priced speakers for a number of years. While not yet distributed in North America, they are sold in Asia, Europe and Russia.

    This is not to take away from anything that has transpired in Canada with Focal and Andres Electronics Experts. BUT simply to say that the world (small though it may be) of excellent and expensive mobile audio is a little bigger than many of may have thought.

    WELL DONE!!!

    Ray Windsor
    Leadership Systems

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