Most Expensive Car Audiophile System Ships at $20,000

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Focal Ultima Kit

What we believe is the industry’s most exclusive car audiophile system has shipped from Focal at $20,000.

When we say its the most expensive system to date, we are referring to a true production system for use by audio lovers, rather than a one-off statement piece for show.

The new car system is called the Focal “Ultima Kit,” and it draws on some of the technology used in Focal’s home audio top-of-the-line system that sells for the cost of a house in some markets, or $175,000.

The Ultima has three main components, the same Beryllium dome tweeter used in the home audiophile system,  a 6.5 inch woofer plus and 8- inch subwoofer that is specially designed to provide tight and flat bass in compact enclosures.

The 6-driver, two-way active system does not include amplifiers.

US distributor Orca Design & Mfg. said Focal found there is a market for its super high end home audiophile system and decided to bring that same quality to the car audio market.

It is able to achieve superior sound in a two-way system because the tweeter is able to play down to 500Hz while most tweeters would crossover at about 3,000Hz said Orca’s Duane Pilgrim. “In the world of higher end, fewer drivers is better for phasing issues and avoiding the complications of trying to blend multiple drivers together,” he added.

Focal claims the system creates “unbelievable chemistry.”

It’s housed in a black satin enclosure and it’s supplied with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Actual US minimum advertised price is $19,999.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Being a Focal dealer for 14 years, these will sell. When Rainbow had their $7500.00 speakers they sold. When Focal introduced the Beryllium NO.7 package, they sold. I have a pair in a S-10 and they still sound awesome over six years later. You don’t buy these types of speakers for one car, you buy they them to use them over and over.

  2. This is great. Statement level production equipment is a awesome. Not all of us will sell speakers that cost 20k. However, it may drive more customers into our stores that buy $1500 – $4000.00 speakers in the quest for outstanding audio. I called my rep and was told the first shipment is already sold out and they are waiting for more.

  3. thing that counts is if I can put in stock location for most part without no modification to any location and they sound great and I can go out and win IASCA competition. But we all know this is not happening. you can have the worlds best speakers and make them sound bad or really inexpensive pair of speakers and make them sound out of this world by putting them in right location then you need the amps to follow up too.
    your speakers are as only good as your weakest link is. bottom line If Focal can sell these at this price I do not want to hear from Dealers Hi End is dead this goes to show they see a demand for this and brought it too market. Go Focal !!!!

  4. Why so small minded? If you can’t afford it, don’t hate on the guy who can. It obviously wasn’t meant for you.

    I’m curious to find out what the vehicle application was for this first set sold.

    1. Those guys are a great and knowledgeable bunch. Someone will have an awesome setup when they install them.

  5. I would like to see some kind of follow up article about this if someone ever sells a pair,and the vehicle that they go in.

  6. Sorry Focal I won’t be putting these in my Tacoma pickup. Maybe in the Lamborghini that I own in my dreams.

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