Brandmotion Intros Curb Alert Camera

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Brandmotion Curb Alert Camera

Brandmotion announced the next generation of its Curb Alert Pro,  which helps drivers protect front end and bumper damage.

It’s new Curb Alert Camera now provides a video image and audible alert for most cars on the road.

The device is a sensing module that installs below the bumper and connects to a front-mounted camera. It delivers a front-view image to a connected display, and provides audible beeps as you near an object.

The camera image will remain on for 10 seconds or turn off when the car is placed in Park.  It can be set to activate at any distance between 8 and 28 inches from an object.


“Curb Alert Pro has saved vehicle owners thousands of dollars in repairs by preventing bumper and fascia damage, but their success has been mostly relegated to specialty vehicle owners,” said Jeff Varick, President of Brandmotion. “With the next-generation Curb Alert Camera, we can provide both audible and visual front-end protection to everyday drivers while parking and maneuvering, with even better performance than simple sensors found on newer vehicles.”

Curb Alert Camera will ship in the first quarter of 2015.  For more information visit

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