Say it Isn’t So: No Automotive Best Of Innovation Winner This Year

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For the first time since we recall, there is no “Best of Innovation Award” winner in the automotive category for this year’s CES Show.

According to a spokesman for the Consumer Electronics Association, which issues the awards, standard “Innovations Awards” honorees in the category will be announced, but no single automotive product made the “Best of” category this year.

So that we’re clear, the “Best of Innovation Awards” are a select group of about a dozen products—the top in each category—that are announced prior to the CES Show. (This is different from the standard “Innovation Awards” for which many products in a category are honored).

You can see the full list of the 2015  Best of Innovation Award winners here including products from many categories like Home Theater and Home Audio/Video. In the latter category, Pioneer won for the home AV Elite SC-89 networked receiver.

Last year, Pioneer’s AppRadio 3 took the Best of Innovation Award in Automotive.   Also Harman’s Aha won for Software & Mobile Apps.

For 2013, Sony won the Best of “Smartphone Accessory” for its MirrorLink Sony XAV-70 car audio receiver and Phoenix Gold won in Automotive for the ACX600.5 “App Amp”amplifier that can be fully-controlled by an app.

In 2011 Audiovox’s Mobile MultiView Cam with Pedestrian Warning won for In-Vehicle Audio/Video and Firstech’s Drone Mobile won for In-Vehicle Accessory

Let’s hope next year sees more innovation in aftermarket automotive.

Source: CEA

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  1. the chinese have run out of products to copy and innovate. i saw little innovation at 2014 ces, just retreads.

  2. A full list of Best of Innovation and additional Honorees, including embargoed products, will be announced on Sunday, January 4, 2015….


    Great example how far removed CEA is from the Mobile Electronics industry these days! What an insult.

    Time to dissolve this union?

    I can think of two incredible products bringing technology like never before this year….how could these be ignored?

    I am sure there are even more!

    The PIONEER NEX indash DVD/Nav models and the new ALPINE ILX-007 CarPlay Indash are bring customers into our showrooms who have never even thought about car audio….just because of CarPlay and their iPhone integration to their vehicle. How could these be missed???

    It’s pretty clear to me. 12V Vendors… the CEA only wants the $100’s of thousands of dollars they charge you to be at CES for the booth. Many vendors have already deserted the main floor and moved to outlying hotels. Maybe a boycott of the 2016 CES is in order?

    These CES booth funds could be better used to promote the category or create another an independent 12V show(s) away from CES…SEMA at a fraction of the cost.

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over…and expecting a different result.

    12V vendors you have been put on notice by this year’s slap in the face by the CEA…there is no interest, no respect, and no attention being given to our industry…..time to do something different!

    In the worst case…every 12V vendors move from the show, take over a couple of hotels, and bank the monies….put them to good use.

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