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We’ve been getting some requests lately for statistics on the aftermarket and thought we’d put them all in one post for easy reference.

The car audio business currently stands at about $1.7 billion wholesale (sales to dealers) or $2.4 billion if you include portable navigation, according to the latest estimates of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) (July 2014).

Industry members estimate that there are about 4,000 to 4,500 car audio dealer specialist locations.

The share of the Internet in aftermarket sales is about 25 to 40 percent, and could be as high as 50 percent, by industry member estimates ( See story here with figures on Amazon).

The average car audio retailer, or at least the average among the hundreds studied by Avidworx, makes $500,000 a year in gross revenues and gets 15 visitors per day.

Store traffic is down from three years ago, when it was 30 visits a day, says Avidworx’s Marcel Newell.

The car audio aftermarket (excluding portable GPS) has a 15 percent share of the full car audio market including OEM, while OEM infotainment has an 85 percent share.   In 2010, the split was 35/65.

As of April, the average retail selling price of an in-dash car audio player was $101, up from $95 in 2013.  The average selling price of an amplifier was $169, up from $163 in 2013.  The average selling price of a speaker was $75, up from $73 in 2013, according to the NPD Group.

See the chart below for forecasts on future sales to dealers in car audio segments, according to the CEA’s [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]…[/highlight]July 2014 report.

CEA July 2014 forecast




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  1. They don’t really seem to ring true in my store. Sales from this year and the last two are almost identical to this years thus far. We also only see about five customers a day and are able to generate about 300,000 in gross sales annually.

  2. Why do you think that Pioneer has spun off their Home A/V and DJ business units? It is to concentrate on their Car sector. However, it’s not because they believe Aftermarket will grow for them, it’s all about growth in the OEM sector.

  3. Depressing statistics when counting the factory installed units. Dam OEM is quickly taking our business away.

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