Directed Cancels Low End Remote Start Feature

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Directed Glenn Busse

Directed will eliminate as of tomorrow, October 1, a lower end option for remote start for the older DBALL and current DBALL2 data modules.

It will no longer support RSR (Remote Start-Ready) Lock 3X flashing for its basic data modules, and is moving that feature up the price ladder to its more full-featured DBALL2PRO, now called Directed Digital Systems models 4×10 and 5×10.

For the lower end data modules, retailers must now use a physical remote starter to complete the remote start system. For the higher end Digital Systems, no remote start is necessary for many car models.

To explain, the DBALL or DBALL2 modules allow remote starters to work with the bus system in different cars, because they can be computer programmed or flashed to work with each car. With special firmware, some cars don’t even need a separate remote start module. You could simply program the factory transmitter key so that when you press the lock button three times, the car would remote start.

The RSR software that allowed this option has been discontinued for the DBALL and DBALL2 modules, removing what Directed terms an unprofitable part of the remote start business.

Directed is marketing its new high end Digital Systems for remote start under a new holiday marketing campaign called “Simplify Your Season.”

It explains the new product changes on its web site here:

A video explaining the change in 3X Lock availability may viewed here:

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. This is a bad move! Its going to force many 12volt installers to move to other bypass modules that still do support this feature meaning lost profits for dei. strongly recommend coming up with a better solution

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