Focal Gains 25%, Reveals Future Goals

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Focal's Pierre Perard

High end car audio maker, Focal said its car audio sales have grown by 25 percent for the past two years to $18 million in the US,  and the company is looking to new niche markets for future growth.

Sales Director Arnaud Hendoux said Focal will announce its first major OEM deals with car companies at CES in January.  Focal is also considering an entry into marine car audio in two or three years, although its speakers are already used in some marine applications, it said.

The company is also offering more car-specific systems, designed as plug and play upgrades for certain popular cars, and it showed two systems for Toyota vehicles due for the end of this year.

Focal has about 400 to 450 car audio dealers in the US and continues to add more. That’s up from about 300 a few years ago.

Hendoux said Focal is ranked number 4 in speakers in dollars sales in the US by NPD.

About 35 percent of the company’s revenue is in car audio and about 10 percent is in professional audio, with the remainder in home audio.

The company introduced 30 new car audio products for 2013/2014.

The new new vehicle specific Toyota systems are expected to carry prices of about $350 each.

The model IS165TOY works with the Corolla, Auris, Rav4, Forerunner, Innova, and Yaris/Vitz. It offers two way 6.5 inch component speakers and a ITS1.5 model tweeter. It has an integrated crossover and handles 60 watts RMS.

A second version (IS690TOY)offers 6X9 components and works with car models including the Prius, Camry, Tacoma, Tundra, Alphard and FJ Cruiser. It handles 75 watts RMS.

Both systems are tuned for the vehicles and include a plug and play harness.


Source: CEoutlook


Photo: Focal’s ( R to L) Pierre Perard, Duane Pilgrim (Orca) and Nick Wingate (Orca)

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  1. I think product like this is great. Our customers have no interest in doing their own install. Being able to tell the consumer that there are speakers engineered for their car makes for a very easy sale. If they are like the VW kit the speakers will go in very quickly & sound great for their price point. Win WIn

  2. greed is taking over every where. you got to this point with independent shops. you will be taking some of this market away from us and turning your product into a commodity. I see jbl and monsoon in your future. everywhere but nowhere.


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