Samsung’s New Phone Has Curved Display

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Samsung Note Edge side

Samsung introduced a new smartphone Wednesday with a display that curves around the edge of the phone, acting as a separate screen for notifications.

The phone is the Galaxy Note Edge, due later in the fall as a premium version of the new Note 4 series from Samsung (the series that comes with a stylus pen).

The new curved Note uses the side display to show weather and time when its laid flat on table so it can serve is a clock radio.  When you use the phone as a camera, and hold it horizontally, the camera controls are on the top.   Samsung believes other uses will be found for the new side display by developers.

The Note 4 and Note Edge were announced along with a new virtual reality headset from Samsung called the Gear Innovator Edition.  The new Note 4 (but not the Note Edge) snaps into the front of the headset, creating VR goggles for displaying games and movies.  It uses software from Oculus Rift.

The new phones have large screens; 5.7 inches for the Note 4 and 5.6 inches for Note Edge.

Users get a 16MP rear camera and a 3.7MP  front camera that has a wide angle feature (to include more people your selfies ). They have improved resolution and pixel density.  Plus the camera function gets an optical image stabilizer, supposedly, a first for a camera phone, said The Wall Street Journal.

WSJ editor Wilson Rothman described the VR headset as similar to a nylon scuba mask to which you add the phone for your eye screen.

The headset is expected to sell at $200.

For a quick review of the Note Edge’s new screen see:

Source: Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post

Photo via Engadget

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