Audiovox Ships New Android Headrests

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Voxx Android headrests

VOXX (Audiovox) announced new DVD headrests that include 8-inch monitors running Android.

The touch screen monitors (non-removable) basically duplicate the content you can get on any tablet or phone, said VOXX.

Movies are no longer enough to entertain kids in the back seat, said VOXX, so the new headrests provide access to YouTube or Facebook and other apps through a built-in WiFi receiver (that must be used with a personal hotspot or phone for an Internet connection, when out of range of a home or business WiFi network).

The monitor/headrests  use a capacitive (multi-touch) screen and include fast dual core processors, built-in 8GB memory (expandable to 32GB), and Bluetooth.

The tablets have digital LED back-lit panels, HDMI/MHL inputs and USB input with charging.  They have FM transmitters with hardwire FM modulation capability and two remotes.

The systems come in 6 different configurations such as:  two Android/DVD headrests or one DVD/non-Android and one Android/non-DVD headrest.

They are available now starting at $1649.99.

Source:  VOXX

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