Mobileye to Add Backup Camera Capability

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Up until now, Mobileye’s crash warning system focused on the front and sides of the car.  Soon it will focus on the back bumper.

The company will add a backup camera link to its driver safety system that will be able to detect if you are about to be rear ended while you are driving.

Under the new capability, the system will issue a warning while the car is moving forward, if someone is about to crash into the rear of your car.

Mobileye would not state if this will be an aftermarket feature or strictly an OEM feature. It was mentioned by Mobileye during a panel last week at the Mobile Electronics Show (KnowledgeFest), which caters to the aftermarket car electronics industry.  And it is mentioned on the company web site here.

Mobileye is a pioneer in OEM and aftermarket advanced driving safety using camera technology.  Its current aftermarket Mobileye 560 device warns a driver if he’s approaching the car ahead too fast.  It uses a smart camera and algorithms to detect an imminent crash and other hazards. It also offers lane departure warning and other features at $849.

Source: CEoutlook

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