Alpine CarPlay Radio Revealed

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Alpine finally revealed details on a special Apple CarPlay-focused car radio, which it will launch in  October.

The radio is designed specifically to be used with an iPhone and will not have a CD mechanism, nor Bluetooth.  Users will get navigation, music and messaging from CarPlay when they plug in their iPhone with a Lightning cable.  Without the phone, the unit can function as a standalone AM/FM radio.

The model ILX-007 uses a high tech 7-inch capacitive multi-touch screen (similar to those used in smartphones).   It’s a double DIN unit  that comes with a separate mic to mount on the on the A-pilar or nearby.

Speaking from KnowledgeFest (renamed the Mobile Electronics Show) in Dallas this week, Alpine’s Steve Brown said the CarPlay feature on the radio “works well and is reliable.”  A prototype was not on display on the show floor.

Pioneer is expected to release a firmware update to render its NEX line of 5 car radios compatible with CarPlay this summer.

Source: CEoutlook



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  1. So, no Bluetooth? Unless it allows for handsfree calling via the lightning connector that seems like a pretty major oversight.

  2. All due respect to any emperors without clothes.

    Don;t all parties involved have to trust Apple explicitly that they will not change anything in the protocol, device, or firmware unilaterally leaving this unit essentially bricked?

    Doesn’t this go beyond planned obsolesence into the realm of obsolesence acquiesence exclusively on Apples terms?


  3. It’s lack of BT sounds like a bit of a miss unless all driving members of the family have iPhone 5 or higher. Did they not consider that family’s with multiple drivers may also include iPhone 4S and Android models.
    And as far as product that works, the article says it doesn’t launch until October. Let’s hope it does.

  4. ALPINE is really leading the market with its Restyle campaign and with the release of CarPlay it looks like I willl not need one of my vendors soon !!!!!

  5. ok. so where are you pioneer? come out of the house. stop hiding. you will only make it worse.

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