The New MERA, ICE Explained

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Cook of ME Group

Under the restructuring of the Mobile Electronics Group (MERA, ICE, KnowledgeFest Mobile Electronics magazine) all MERA and ICE dealers are now Mobile Electronics dealers but they are segmented into Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels, with Diamond forming what was formerly ICE, the In Car Experts buying/marketing group.

The dealers are grouped by their level of participation in the services offered by the ME Group.

If you are a MERA member that uses the group for basic cost saving benefits, you become an ME Silver member with dues of $24.95 per month.  If you use MERA car data, then you become a Gold member at $29.95 per month.  If you use car data plus MERA point of sale tools or the company’s web site with a dealer locator, then you become a Platinum member at $119.95 per month.

Platinum members may be invited to become Diamond (formerly ICE) members based on the quality of their customer service.   ME Group will provide those retailers invited with a tool to survey customers that lets customers rate the dealer’s customer service.   The dealer will learn his ranking, which might win him Diamond status.   The fees for Diamond membership are the same as Platinum.

ME Group President Chris Cook said Diamond dealers get market co-op, education to grow their business and, in some cases, manufacturer rebates.  (The other level of ME membership do not get rebates).

The current 148 ICE members, representing over 200 locations are “grandfathered in” as ME Diamond members.

The new organization will be rolled out over the next year.

Source: CEoutlook

Photo: Chris Cook (left) President of Mobile Electronics Group talks with Omar Albertelli (right) of Revenew at the ME Show (KnowledgeFest)

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