Gossip Photo Essay of KnowledgeFest

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In case you missed it, this is what happened over the weekend at the annual KnowledgeFest (Mobile Electronics) trade show in Dallas, (click on photos to enlarge):

Cook of ME Group
Chris Cook tries to explain to Omar Albertelli of Revenew that no one is sober enough after  6pm to comprehend marketing tools.


KnowledgeFest radar detector panel
Rival radar detector makers break  into a fight over how to use a microphone.
Pioneer KnowledgeFest
Harry Kroll has explained the use of of over 3,000 buttons in the past 7 years.


KnowledgeFest Directed
Directed’s Peter Fazi tries again to explain what exactly an immobilizer bypass is
Tint World
From Tint World, the conquerors of the automotive retail universe


KnowledgeFest Josh Landau
Josh Landau of JML Audio already knows everything automotive so he’s wondering what’s for lunch
Magnussens at KnowledgeFest
The Magnussens are all smiles but after winning retailer of the year so often they were afraid someone might spike their drinks.
Arc Audio
Arc Audio always has the best toys
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