VOXX HDMI Monitors Work With Phones

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Audiovox overhead

VOXX (Audiovox)  is shipping a line of overhead and headrest video monitors for rear seat entertainment, all with HDMI/MHL ports for connecting to smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Users who are streaming video to their smartphone can see it on the car monitors, which fall under the Advent, Audiovox and Movies2Go brands.

Users can also access YouTube, games and social media apps on the monitosr. In some cases, the phone or tablet can act as a remote control for the monitor.

The first two systems available will be overhead monitors with two HDMI/MHL inputs, one on the side of the overhead and one hidden connection to keep the wiring discreet.  Both options require a digital A/V adapter (sold separately), specific to the user’s mobile device.

The ADVEXL10, Advent 10.1” overhead digital high definition monitor has a built in DVD player at $529.99 suggested retail price.  A similar Audiovox version VODEXL10 carries the same price.

Joining these shortly are 7” custom headrest monitors and Movies2Go overhead monitors that are also HDMI/MHL compatible.

The HR7012D,  Audiovox 7” LED backlit custom headrest with built in DVD will be added to the current 7012 series with LED monitors and 800 RGB x 480 resolution.  It will be available in August at $1,699.99

The AVXMTG13UHD,  Audiovox Movies2 Go 13.3” overhead with backlit LED monitor with built in DVD player will be available in August at $449.99.

Source: VOXX

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  1. I have a 03 gmc envoy and it came with i flip down tv. But it barely works and just not good enough and it wont play threw the speakers which i want. So my question is shortly how do i upgrade it but look factory?

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